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Deadly virus accidental exposure, or diabolical plan?

Can you find a cure before it is too late?


Welcome to "Outbreak," a world engulfed in the throes of an unprecedented crisis. A mysterious virus has swept through the city, causing a peculiar and terrifying phenomenon—it reanimates the brain, blurring the lines between life and death. Citizens transformed into mindless entities, trapped in a state between existence and the unknown.


This menacing outbreak traces back to the secretive research of a brilliant yet elusive scientist, Dr. Jekyll Hyde. Working under the cloak of Parasol Industries, Dr. Hyde's experiments aimed to push the boundaries of science, exploring the very essence of life itself.

Your team, as the city's last hope, must infiltrate Dr. Hyde's labyrinthine laboratory. Amidst the scattered remnants of research notes and cryptic experiments, lies the key—the elusive antidote that can halt the spread of this infectious scourge.


Your mission is twofold: decipher Dr. Hyde's enigmatic research, unravel the puzzles, and unearth the antidote hidden deep within the lab's intricate mechanisms. The clock ticks relentlessly, every second bringing the city closer to irreversible catastrophe.


Work together, overcome the challenges, and race against time to secure the antidote. The fate of the city hangs in the balance—only your resourcefulness and quick thinking can save countless lives. Are you up for the challenge?

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